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Josh McNeal

Josh, age 26 was born and raised in a small logging community of Amboy, Washington on the foothills of Mt. St Helens in Southwest Washington. Growing up he was an avid outdoorsman and participated in football, wrestling, track, and baseball. He spent his summers working on local farms hauling hay and cutting firewood. When he turned 16, he started spending his summers in Kenai, Alaska working at a fishing lodge on the Kenai River. The day after graduating from La Center High school he moved fulltime to Alaska. For the next 4 years he attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks where he graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. During his tenure in college is where he found his love for mushing. His senior year of college he handled for Ken Anderson as he trained for his final Iditarod. After graduation, Josh moved to Kasilof where he began building his kennel in the spring of 2018. In March of 2020, he packed up everything and moved to Fairbanks. He now resides in the hills of Ester with his wife Jobie, and their 38 Alaskan Huskies. Josh works as a Wellsite Supervisor on the North Slope of Alaska for Hilcorp Alaska. While not running dogs, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and traveling with his wife. Josh is extremely excited and grateful to be running his rookie Iditarod this year!

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Part of the J’s litter, he’s one of my most solid dogs. Not a leader, but an excellent swing and wheel dog. Smooth trotter and fast. One of my K-440 finishers.



Mother of the Greek+1 litter, she is the princess of the kennel and my go to leader. The last 55 miles of the Kobuk 440 she led single lead. She is tough as nails, and smart as a whip, plus a total sweetheart.


The hardest driving dog in the kennel, sometimes too hard. As Brownie turns 3, I am hoping we can fine tune her driving abilities a little more for distance racing.


Yos is very quiet and shy, but that does not mean he isnt a powerhouse dog!





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Jimmy is part of the J's litter, and is one of the sweetest. You can't escape petting him without getting at least a few kisses, and hair tugs. Jimmy makes a great team dog, especially when ran with his best bud and brother Johnny. 

She was my main leader this past season at two years old. She may be shy while in the dog yard, but when you get her out on the trail she truly comes out if her shell. I cannot wait to see how she continues to develop.

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A new addition to the team this year from Mitch Seavey. She’s a solid built dog with Iditarod experience, and leads! She is a total sweetheart once she gets to know you.

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The cheerleader of the team. We can be 50 miles into a run, and I will call the team up and she will be barking running down the trail. Super motivated dog and one of my 440 finishers. She will also only be 3 this season.


Hoagie is a new addition to the team this season from Jesse Holmes. She has an exceptionally fast trot and is a hard driving leader. She will pair well with my main leader Suka. Loves to snuggle!



Solid built dog with a good attitude. Excited to see how she develops this season.

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She is probably the smartest and most affectionate out of this litter. She is already leading. A spitting image of her mom Jenna, she is going to be an excellent addition to the team.

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Mom of the roaring 20’s litter, she is the smoothest and fastest dog in the kennel. One of my Kobuk 440 finishers. She will be 3 this season and will only get better. To say I am excited is an understatement!



The best built male out of this litter. Extremely smart and hard driven. Already leading at a young age.

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When Zeus was 8 months old, he looked more like a Siberian than he did an Alaskan. He has the longest hair out of any of my dogs. He is starting to grow into himself now and is going
to make an amazing addition.


Poseidon has the longest legs of his litter mates. I am hoping that he is going to be a fast trotter!


A new addition to the kennel this year from Mathew Failor. She has finished the Quest and Iditarod. She is a hard driving leader and will make a great addition to my team!

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The Future of CCK

This litter of puppies were born in June of 2019 to resident mother Mara and Father Bison, a Raymie Redington dog. For this litter, we went with a roaring 20’s theme for their names. Since their first year of training will be in 2020, and will hopefully have a roaring time in the 2020’s, we chose our favorite names from the 1920’s.









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